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Paris-Saint-Germain is looking for a renaissance : it's a little too late for that

Paris-Saint-Germain, France's biggest football club budget, is looking to change its bling-bling mentality that it has built since 2011 because the club is yet to win, its most wanted title, the UEFA Champions League (UCL)

The club's president Nasser El-Khelaifi gave an interview to Marca where he stated his will to change the mentality that runs through his organisation.

He proceeded to fire the sporting director Leonardo to replacing with former Monaco sporting director Luis Campos and hired French Coach Christophe Galtier.

While hiring Campos isn't really a proof of the changes that El Khelaifi is trying to implement, hiring Galtier is.

The French Coach has little experience in playing high level Champions League. Known in France for his abilities to change the fortunes of clubs, he has only played UCL once with Lille.

But, implementing a mentality change years after the problem started surfacing is far too late.

PSG's mentalities started changing when the club hired Neymar during the summer transfer windows in 2017.

The Brazilian superstar was hired as the Messiah that they have been waiting for to win the Champions League. They gave him everything he wanted and forgot every bad behaviour because it was him.

But the player, while being one of the most talented players in Europe, undelivered.

Then, every players that was transferred to PSG starting having demands for the club.

Players that were already at club despite not doing good seasons were getting overpaid and now refuse to leave.

Understandably so, you are given a Ferrari and we offer you an Alfa Romeo why would you take it.

PSG has now become a golden nursing home where unhappy players come to finish their careers and where football is only a hobby.

They managed to keep Kylian Mbappe who is far more influential than the Brazilian in terms of performance in Champions League.

They have Messi considered to be one of Greatest of All Time in football, Sergio Ramos who a four time Champions League winner and yet their Champions League story this year stopped in the round of 16.

They are trying to tackle issues that have been disturbing the club for years. But it's too late to try now.

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